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Crème Brûlée Espresso, an at Home Alternative for the Local $8 Coffee

Filed in Breakfast, Desserts, Recipes, Sweet — February 12, 2022

Breakfast, Desserts, Recipes, Sweet

Working from home can make it difficult to want to eat all the food and beverages you have already bought from the grocery store and have handy. It’s tempting to want to run to the local coffee shop every day and get a coffee. But then you might start doing that every day and adding in a breakfast sandwich, and that quickly adds up.

So here’s a quick, fancy alternative for your afternoon caffeine fix rather than running down the street to your local coffee shop.

All you have to do for this fancy drink is put a chocolate square at the bottom of your espresso cup. I like A Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate.

Then run a single espresso shot over the chocolate. Add some frothed whole milk and sprinkle some cocoa over the top.

To make it Crème Brûlée, simply put some brown sugar on a spoon. Light it with a butane torch until it smokes. Then dip the caramelized spoon into your espresso and stir!

Tell me that’s not better than the $8 chocolate covered caramel whatever at the local coffee shop. Not that those are particularly good to start. This drink is for espresso lovers who want to sweeten up their cup a bit. It’s particularly tasty if you serve it with a side glass of sparkling water.

Have fun!

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