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Pappardelle Pasta from Scratch

Filed in featured, Pasta, Recipes, Savory — March 28, 2023

featured, Pasta, Recipes, Savory

Pappardelle pasta is an egg-based ribbon shaped noodle that is typically two – four centimeters wide. These from scratch pasta noodles are made from a well-binding dough. You can store this pasta in the freezer in nests, or boil in salted water immediately after the pasta is cut and nested. The only ingredients used in this recipe are semolina flour, regular flour, and eggs. No preservatives. The elbow grease of rolling out the pasta sheets is worth every bite.

Tip: Be sure to ladle in a couple of spoonfuls of your starchy pasta water into whatever gravy you decide to add to your pasta. It will help the gravy stick to the noodles.

Note: You need a kitchen scale for this recipe.


• 350g regular flour

• 50g semola flour 

• 228g eggs

Make this from scratch dough, by Burnt Butter Table.

Once the dough is done resting:

  1. Quarter your dough into 4 equal pieces. Working with one quarter at a time, roll a quarter of the dough with rolling pin until thin.
  2. Set up your pasta roller. I have a KitchenAid mini with the pasta roller attachment.
  3. Roll your dough through the roller at an 8. Then roll through at a 7. Fold dough in half. Repeat until the dough is as wide as the roller.
  4. Run your dough through the pasta roller on all remaining settings twice each. 6. 5. 4 & 3. The thinness is up to you. A noodle at a 3 setting is thin, while also being a bit thicker than ravioli, so it works great!
  5. Lay your thin sheet of pasta on a cutting board and sprinkle evenly with course semolina. Cut in half horizontally if the sheet is too long to manage.
  6. Fold each end in to meet in the middle.
  7. Cut into whatever widths you prefer your pasta. 2 – 4cm is standard.
  8. Unfold each piece and stack the layers of pasta into one pile.
  9. Wrap your pasta into a nest.
  10. If storing, freeze on flat tray in freezer, then place in plastic bag. If serving immediately, boil salted water, and add pasta. Check for al dente after about 4 minutes.

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