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Twist on a Parisian Jambon-Beurre

Filed in Classics, Recipes, Savory — January 17, 2021

Classics, Recipes, Savory

The Jambon-Beurre sandwich is one of the most popular sandwiches in France. Or the ham and butter sandwich. It’s classically made with a thin baguette, lightly salted French butter and jambon De Paris.

I added a couple additional ingredients like cornichon pickles and Gruyère cheese. A cute little cafe down the street from me makes these sandwiches, and they’re so appealing every time I go there. So I decided to try and make them at home. Fair warning, since it’s basically half a baguette, you might need to eat this sandwich in two sittings.

This simple combo of ham, cheese, cornichon pickles and a baguette comes with a couple recommendations! Be sure your ham is sliced THIN when bought at the store. That the baguette is fresh & crunchy. And that the slices of cheese don’t overpower the thin ham. Also, cut each baguette at most once in half. Each sandwich should be extravagantly lengthy.

Other than that, this sandwich is pretty much fool proof. I also used a bit of mayo instead of butter, which goes against the classic version, but still yummy. These sandwiches pair really well with an unsweetened iced tea.

No recipe needed. Just pick up some thinly sliced Parisian ham, Gruyère, cornichon pickles, mayo, and fresh french baguettes.

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