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Crisp Lemon Champagne

Filed in Aperitivo, Classics, Recipes — March 29, 2021

Aperitivo, Classics, Recipes

Happy Sunday! How has your week been? We all know that Sundays are best served brunch style – and what better way to do that with a glass of Prosecco. Typically at a brunch, mimosas are served, and if you’re looking for something fresh and bubbly, but not so fruity, try out some Prosecco with a slice of fresh lemon.

No recipe necessary – Just pour your favorite bubbly, and add in a slice of lemon. The fresh citrus fragrance is just enough to elevate your drink to feel like a cocktail. With the spring weather, we could all use some quick and easy drinks & recipes so we can spend less time in the kitchen and more time outside.

Speaking of brunch during Springtime, here are 5 of my favorite brunch spot recommendations in Chicago.

  1. BomboBar – Great for grab and go Bombolini doughnuts
  2. Maison Marcel – Grab a chocolate croissant (made fresh that morning) and a cappucino
  3. Coda Di Volpe – Southern Italian cuisine – expect arancini and pizzas
  4. La Creperie – Classic french crepes, this favorite spot was established in 1972
  5. Sawada Coffee – Ok, not brunch, but you can get the best military latte (matcha and espresso) in the city here
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