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Pacific Northwest Pasta and Seafood Dinner

Filed in Seattle, Travel — June 21, 2022

Seattle, Travel

Located in the heart of the Belltown neighborhood, Currant Bistro is flooded with natural light and friendly brunch goers during the morning. Catch breakfast from 7 – 11am. Be sure to snag a seat during this window as the kitchen shuts down mid-day until dinner.

The bistro is located inside The Sound Hotel. It’s a modern, urban and intrinsically Seattle stay.

The dinner at the hotel boasts fresh local seafood and homemade pasta dishes as stunning choices on the dinner Springtime menu.

The house-made ravioli features seasonal filling, fresh egg pasta, brown butter, sage, hazelnut, and parmesan. Its thin, fresh, boiled until al – dente.

The rest of some of the spring dinner items are just as well cared for as the ravioli. For example, the other handmade pasta – vegan gnocchi with smoked shiitake mushrooms. The cashew cream based sauce is just as flavor packed as any dairy based cream sauce.

house-made vegan potato gnocchi | cashew cream, smokey shiitake mushroom, garlic, lemon, chive – 28

The appetizers are mostly veggie – focused and pack serious flavor. This broccolini is not playing. With a mountain of finely shaved parmesan on the top, and the seared texture of the veggie, it’s almost a dessert. You can’t go wrong.

seared broccolini | lemon, garlic, chili flakes, parsley, parmesan – 12

Don’t forget to pair your seafood with white wine and grab a glass of red for the pasta. The pan seared Atlantic salmon with brown butter fingerling potatoes, seasonal sautéed vegetables, beurre blanc has no rival. It’s a truly PNW Seattle dish and cannot be passed up. Grab one for the table and split if you’d like to experience the whole menu.

pan seared Atlantic salmon | brown butter fingerling potatoes, seasonal sautéed vegetables, beurr blanc – 31

You can even toast with Prosecco as you enjoy your appetizers or are waiting for them to arrive. Another option is to cheers with a few fun cocktails post – dinner. The classic martini and gin fizz are top notch. There’s also a fabulous bourbon – based nightcap with notes of maple.

classic gin martini
gin fizz with lime
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